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Reader Favorites

Here are some of the more popular story related posts I’ve shared that seemed to strike a chord with people for one reason or another.

This doesn’t mean they’re well written. In fact, most of them are “mobile updates”. That said, hopefully they are somewhat entertaining… unless they’re not supposed to be. In which case, I hope they’re not entertaining at all.

But if they’re not, I apologize. Wait… O_o

Also, I forgot I had this section for a while, so in order to fill it out, I’ve recently (Nov 15, 2013) revisited some old posts and added those that I remembered getting a bigger reaction than others.

But seriously, I’m probably a terrible judge of this. So really, think of this as almost like a random sampling of my posts, except it isn’t random. It isn’t random at all.

Ok, let’s do this already…

Reader *Favorites (*might not actually be)

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