Subway memories

Optimism vs. pessimism
Tinted limbs

Walk into Subway. It’s a slow night. The two college kids working are cleaning.

I decide to make a memory…

I clap my hands and shout, “Let’s make some sandwiches, people!

They both laugh.

“I’m excited! Are you excited!? Wait! Don’t answer that!”

“The usual?” one asks, while chuckling.

“No! We’re switching it up tonight!” I scan the board… “What’s the most exciting bread you have!?”

We all look at the breads…

“Looks like the ‘Jalapeño Cheddar’!”

“I was just going to say that!”, one of them says.

“Then Jalapeño Cheddar it shall be!”

I’ll spare you all the sandwich making details, but it pretty much continued like this to the end.

They were both alert and smiling ear to ear by then.

But probably also wondering…

What the hell just happened!?

Mission accomplished.

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