Relational aspirations

Dear Insurance customer service

Confession of the day:

Couples that look genuinely happy together make me happy. Especially older couples.

There is this couple that comes into this cafe (in southern California) almost every day around 2pm. They sit, talk, and enjoy coffee together.

They’ve seen me enough times to know that I’m a regular (when I’m in the area), too.

I was away for 5 months, but they were here the day I got back (a few days ago).

They didn’t say anything, but they gave me a nod of recognition, and a smile. That was enough.

And today when I came in, they offered me their table as they got up to go — which is what they used to do on occasion (because it’s in a convenient spot for working on a laptop).

I don’t really know them. And we’ve only exchanged a few words here and there, but they feel familiar. Like good people you want to know.

As you know, not everyone is like that.

I hope that when I’m with someone later in life, we can give off the same kind of vibe.

It’s remarkable how much of a difference you can make by just setting a good example.

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