5 dollar haircuts

This tree has quite a body
Three hours


I just wanted to let everyone know that, if you are in the San Francisco Bay area, I will totally cut your hair for only $5.

While I don’t have any formal experience or training — and frankly, no idea what I’m doing — I can guarantee you a unique new haircut that will get you much more attention than your old haircut.

Five bucks for a five minute cut is all it takes.

Bring your friends and I will totally cut their hair for 5 bucks, too.

I will also trim your pet’s hair.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, you name it, I’ll trim it.

I’ll even cut your neighbor’s pet’s hair.

All for only 5 bucks.

*Operators are standing by.

*But that has nothing to do with this. It just seemed like the thing to say.

[Fine print goes here.]

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