The little blonde boy and the big cookie

Everything. $3.99 per pound.
Like a hawk

Sitting in a cafe. Little blonde boy and his dad come in for a cookie.

The little boy politely picks out the one he wants (a giant cookie covered in m&ms) — then they both sit at the table next to mine.

The little boy sits cross legged, grabs the cookie with both hands like a sandwich, and proceeds to eat it. Big smile on his face.

The dad just sits there enjoying the moment. A twinkle in his eye.

Then, when the little boy is finished, he hops out of his chair, walks over to his dad and gives him a big long hug.

The dad sits there, puts his arm on his son’s back, and savors the moment.

They barely spoke the entire time, but a lot was said.

It’s truly touching moments like these that melt my heart.

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