Mister Malwares

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I helped an old east Indian man fix his computer today.

He had a case of the malwares.

Seeing how I project “computer fix it man” wherever I go, he walked right up to me — in a busy cafe — and asked for help.

Well, actually, the first thing he did was ask for help connecting to the Internet. And we got that straightened out right away. BAM!

And then he came back 3 minutes later and I helped him understand what his Windows updates were all about.

“I don’t want these. I have too many!”

And I’m like, “Yeah, you probably don’t want to uninstall all those.” BAM!

And then he came back 3 minutes later…

“I click. Then windows pop up!”

And I’m like, “You got yourself a case of the malwares, mister. Here’s what we’re gonna do…” BAM!

Anyway, he was very grateful each time and said “thank you” like he really meant it. Well, I assume it was “thank you” that he was saying. He had a really thick accent.

Whatever he was saying, he meant it.

I later looked up from what I was doing over to his table — and he was gone.

I kind of miss him now.
Some people are like that.

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