A battle of optimism

Dear trash in my car...
Salad sunshine

I just got crushed in a “battle of optimism” by a special needs cashier at Target. Wow.

He finishes with the previous customer, then turns to me and says…

“How are you?”
I’m awesome. How are you?

“So you say you are having a good day?”
I’m having a great day.

“Every day is a gift, isn’t it?”
Every day I’m not dead is a great day!

“I know. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”
Yes! Exactly, I —

And then he just goes into this long optimistic speech — which hits the limit of my ability to recall it for a couple reasons:

1. he didn’t speak as clearly or with the sort of cadence that many people do and
2. he jumped to seemingly unrelated points/quotes (that I’ve never heard) — and really, I was just flabbergasted — because he just kind of burst into life with it.

But it was all basically a message of “I love life” — and I think he was happy to meet me.

And then — after his optimism had completely shadowed my own, he goes…

“Do you want to hear a math joke?”

And I was standing there with my jaw open, but managed to say, “ok”…

And it was a terrible joke, but that’s not the point! :)

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