Jedi mind tricks

Gimme a beat
Cite seeing

In cafe. At the coffee station.

I misjudge the alignment of the spout of the creamer container while pouring it into my coffee vessel.

In short, I make a mess.

At the same moment, one of the staff approaches to switch out two of the coffee containers.

“You don’t see this”, I say, as I grab napkins to clean up my spill, “You are unaware of this catastrophe.”

He laughs.

“You will have no recollection of this encounter.”

He laughs, again, “It’s ok.”

As I finish cleaning up the last bit of it and he finishes putting the coffee in place, “My clumsiness should not be your problem.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it”
“Appreciate what?”

He laughs again and I walk away.

Jedi mind tricks, if you can’t make ’em work, make ’em funny.

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