Chew on this

Achilles' Heel (2013 edition)

At the Red Dot & Circle shop. 10 minutes before closing.

I walk up to the cashier who is chatting with another teenage staff member.

I put my item on the belt.

“Just the gum?” she asks.
“Just the gum”, I say.
I should get gum“, says the other guy.
“You should get gum”, says the cashier.
“You should get gum”, says I. Adding — “Everyone is doing it.”

(All the while, our gum transaction is taking place)

“Now I can’t get gum,” says the other guy.
“You can’t get gum?” says the cashier.
“Why can’t you get gum?”, says I.

“I can’t just cave in to peer pressure like that”, says the other guy.

I left them to chew on their existential crisis as I walked away smiling & amused by such a funny lyrical conversation (recorded almost verbatim above).

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