Pasta. In the shape of a navel.

To and fro

At cafe. Order coffee.

Two women, that I was just standing behind in line while they ordered their meals, are now at the coffee station as I approach.

One of them is getting coffee.

When she finishes filling up her cup with the Hazelnut, I go to do the same.

At this moment, the second woman standing nearby says, “Oh, I really wanted that.”

“Oh, did I hop in front of you?”
“No. I just really wanted the tortellini. They’re out of tortellini.”
“Ah, they’re out of tortellini.”
“I heard it’s good.”
“Oh, it’s good. But no tortellini for you.”
“You probably ate it all.”
“I did. I came here this morning and ordered a gallon of it.”
“Did you really?”
“Yup. Ate it in my car.”
She laughs, finally realizing I’m kidding, “Reeeeeaaalllly?”.
I laugh, “No. Not really.”

And then I walked away like a man without any tortellini.

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