The Force is with me

Going to the dogs
"Usually, they're some form of Badass."

That awkward moment you are on your way out of a grocery store and, as you approach the two way automated sliding doors, you begin your usual trick where you wave your arms and open the doors using your Jedi powers —

Only where, moments before, there was no one around, a man pops out of nowhere to enter the building.

And while your arms, already in motion, are performing what is, to you, a harmless Jedi trick, the doors open and the man, caught by surprise, suddenly sees an oncoming attacker and flinches as if to lessen what is surely going to be a powerful blow.

Only it wasn’t. Man, I was just opening the doors. O_O

I immediately apologized, but he’d already started laughing.

So all’s well that ends well.

Good times.

I had no idea my Jedi powers were getting that powerful!

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