What's his face

25 hours
The first rule of time travel

Walk into cafe.

The older couple I’ve written about before see me and wave. They’re sitting in “my” spot.

“We’re saving your table for you again.”
“I see that! Thank you.”

I get some coffee and sit nearby.

The couple finish and come over…

“Hey, do you just want us to call you Hey?”, asks the woman, with a laugh in her voice.

“Well, you can,” I say laughing, “But my name is Zero.”

“Yup. But my last name is Dean. You can call me that, too, if you want.”

“Well, Zero is probably better. We saw you come in and I said, ‘Hey, there’s what’s-his-face’!”

I laugh.

“I’m Frank.”, says her husband, “And this is Irene.”

I smile, “Frank & Irene. I will remember that!”
“You better!”

Love these two. And now they have names.

Even better.

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