The first rule of time travel

What's his face
The waiting

In cafe.

Laptop in front of me.
A couple older women sitting behind me.

“Vivian, the conversation I’m about to have with you, I had with you a couple days ago.”

There is a pause. Vivian says nothing.

“We had this conversation a couple days ago. The conversation I’m about to have with you.”

“We were at work.”

“And I said…”

The details of the conversation don’t matter.

What matters is, the first rule of time travel is you don’t talk about or reference time travel. And you especially don’t do so while in a public place. O_O

That’s justification enough to have your time-travel license revoked (permanently!).

And also — for the record — if you do time travel, you really need to keep your timeline straight, because present-day Vivian isn’t going to remember a conversation you are about to have with her that you had with her a couple days ago.

That’s just basic Time Travel 101.



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*Ok. So it turns out the woman speaking to Vivian isn’t a time traveler after all. :-/

She was simply referencing a dream she had and it took her a moment to reference that part. At which point, I put my headphones in — totally disappointed.