A fine dining experience

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Walk into cafe. All the tables with electrical outlets for my laptop are full.

The kind older couple that comes in for coffee almost every day (that I’ve written about before) is sitting at my usual table.

But rather than just coffee today, they’re enjoying what appears to be a feast of pastries, too. There are certainly many more plates than usual.

The older gentleman sees me first and waves. I wave back.

The woman speaks up, “We’re saving your table for you.”
“Oh! Thank you. I appreciate that!”

I set my stuff down in a nearby booth, get coffee, and then sit down and draw on my tablet.

15 minutes later the older gentleman is standing in my peripheral vision. I look up.

As if he’s the host in some expensive restaurant, he says, “Sir, your table is ready.”

I look over and see that they’ve not only vacated the table, they’ve cleared it for me as well. It’s totally clean.

“Thank you!”, I say. He nods. “And hey, if I’m here first tomorrow, I’ll save a table for you, too.”

They laugh as they head out the doors.

These two are always a pleasure. I can only hope my partner and I come across in this way when I am older. They really do make the world a better place in their own way.

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