Musical chairs

To be honest with you...
Big money! Big money! No whammies!

Walk into cafe.

The kind older couple I’ve written about before is sitting where I usually sit. We smile at each other and I set down my gear at the open table next to them.

“Would you like to sit here?”
“What? Oh. No. This is good… Unless you’re leaving.”
“We’re not leaving, but isn’t this your seat?”

I laugh, “Well, it’s not like it has my name on it.”

“I think it has your name on it,” says the woman smiling.

They stand up and grab their cups. We switch tables and they sit down.

I pull out my laptop and turn, “You know, some people… no matter whether you see them regularly or not, are always a pleasure when you do. And you are. THANK YOU.”

“You’re welcome… And thank you. We’re retired.”
I laugh, “Well that explains it!”

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