Dear Insurance customer service

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Dear Insurance customer service —

While it was quite nice to have your automated voice robot provide me with the option of either waiting on hold in the customer service queue for 30 minutes, or having someone call me back when it was my turn, it makes no sense to me that when you finally did call me back 30 minutes later, it was simply an automated voice stating that you tried to call me back and I wasn’t available.

Wut? O_O

If I wasn’t available, I wouldn’t have picked up the phone to hear you tell me I wasn’t available.

In any case, while I did appreciate the added option of having you call me back (again) in 10 minutes, I have lost all confidence that it will not be anything other than another automated voice robot telling me you tried to call me and I wasn’t available… and would I like you to try calling me back again?

I now feel that every citizen should have their own automated voice robot to answer the phone when your automated voice robot calls…

And then y’all can just work it out until someone gets a real human being involved.

Robots are useless if they’re only pretending to look busy.

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*I was right. They called me 10 minutes later to tell me I wasn’t available and would I like them to call me back in another 10 minutes. O_O