Silly Sprint.

Grumpy calf status update
Blue Powerade

First, Sprint terminates my contract (without penalty) for breach of terms (Because, as you know, I’m a badass).

So I switched to Virgin Mobile — outright bought a phone for $69 — and get unlimited Internet for $35 a month — no contract…

And now — ever since they booted me — Sprint has done nothing but try to get me to switch back to their service. Even attempting to bribe me with $100 off a new phone to do so.

So I’m confused… don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, Sprint?

Is this like a “jealous ex” thing, or what?

Show me the specs on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in September and I’ll think about it.

‘Til then, you’re just some carrier that I used to know.

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