Sprint didn't get the memo

Handshakes from Hell
Wanted: A good man

Sprint last month (paraphrasing)

“We’re soooo sorry about the mistake we made regarding your bill and giving your account to someone else. We’re sorry you had to spend over an hour with us on the phone to work this out and we appreciate your patience and good humor. Don’t worry about your bill this month, ‘It’s taken care of.'”

Sprint this month (paraphrasing)

“Going by what it looks like from the customer service memos from last month’s call, I have to conclude that when we said your bill is “taken care of”, we simply meant you wouldn’t have to pay it last month. We’ve simply forwarded it to this month’s bill so now you can pay twice as much.”

Me vs. Sprint (paraphrasing)

That’s not what you said you would do.
“We have no record of saying what you say we said we would do.”
That doesn’t make sense.
“It makes sense.”
You’re telling there’s nothing you can do?
“I’m sorry, we can’t help you.”
There’s no one else I can speak to about this?
“No, I’m sorry.”
What about the people I spoke to last month – can I speak to them?
“No, there is no way for me to connect you to those people.”
Well then, can I speak to your manager?
“Yes, but I don’t think it will help.”
Please connect me to early termination services.
“Yes, sir”

Early Termination Services:

“How can we help.”
*explains problem*
“This was a pretty big mistake.”
I know!
“Not a problem. We’ll take care of that right now.”
*adjusts bill — provides confirmation number*


Some people need to take better memos.

[The above still took 45 minutes. 40 minutes of me trying to explain to the new people what happened last month, and then make sense of what was happening this month, and then trying to work it out so that Sprint wasn’t suddenly going back on their previous positive resolution. And then less than 5 minutes with people who know how to get stuff done.

Have you ever wondered how people can have two completely different opinions of the same company: “They’re the Best!” vs “They’re the worst!”?

Well, I got to experience the extremes over the same issue. Same company — but the attitudes of the people over the phone made it a completely different experience.

I’m grateful that the folks in “Early Termination” were so eager to help.]

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