Elevator music



“You know, I really haven’t listened to enough low fidelity elevator music over the phone lately.”

— Said no one. Ever.

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So I got my monthly phone e-statement ahead of schedule — and it showed that my phone bill was paid in full. Which is normal, as I use auto-pay. However, it also showed that my account for that number had been terminated and that this was my last bill.


So I logged into my account online and discovered… well, a “mess”. Suddenly there were other names and lines on my account.

So I called customer service (fortunately, my phone still worked) to get to the bottom of it.

We actually had a “fun” time trying to work out what happened (that’s not sarcasm — we were laughing about it). I tried to charm her into giving me a free account upgrade, but sadly, I had to be transferred to another dept. before the lovely Christina from New York felt the full effect of that…

Throughout this whole process, I had to be put on hold a number of times (thus the low fidelity elevator music comment).

The next person I spoke to made the necessary changes to my account — but that also involved a lot of low fidelity elevator music.

(It’s too bad that companies choose to play something that almost no one likes vs. aiming a bit higher and, for example, licensing independent artists music. You know, the sort of stuff you can buy at Magnatune.com.)

Anyway, in the end, the $93.00 I would have to pay for my bill this past month was magically “taken care of”. Which was a nice “gift” today.

And I might actually have credit towards next month (if they don’t fix the current credit on my account). So it’ll either be a $93 savings or a $133 savings.

Not bad for a few laughs and spending a little time on hold (while I also browsed the internet).