Cafe roulette

Shear madness
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Walk up to cafe counter. Order a bagel.

New guy, Caden — who already knows my name — is ringing me up while one of the staff, Gabe, is helping him with his first time at the register.

Caden takes my card and Gabe tells him how to slide it through the machine. The machine doesn’t read my card the first time, so he slides it through again.

I decide to help, too, because it’s what I do…

“Yeah, my card doesn’t always go through the first time.”

Caden slides it again, but it still doesn’t read.

“Yep, slide it again. But quick. You only have about 40 seconds to make this transaction before the system automatically voids this entire order and we have to kick someone out of the restaurant.”

Caden suddenly looks a bit nervous, “Really?”

I just look at him.

He smiles, “Thanks for being my first customer, Zero.”

“You’re welcome.”

My card goes through. He hands me my receipt.

“Thanks Caden. You did good. Perfect transaction.”

He smiles.

If he can handle me under pressure, he can probably handle anyone. ;)

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