This week on social media…

Cafe roulette

Thanks to you crazy people — and how you’ve responded to recent posts — it has become crystal clear what my audience truly wants from me…

And it is surprisingly simple.

It isn’t silly jokes or humorous observations. It isn’t motivational posts, quotes, or inspiration. And it isn’t photos of interesting, funny, or beautiful things.



Just kidding.

It’s selfies & profanity.


Hey, I said you were crazy.

But I also think you are some of the coolest, most open-minded, and accepting people anywhere. And some of you are quite funny, too (well, you make *me* laugh, at least).

I don’t say it enough, but I appreciate you being a part of my life and making this fun for me.

So thank you.

*takes a selfie while swearing like a truck driver*

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