OMG I’m melting


That awkward moment your celebrity crush favorites your tweet.

I feel all warm & fuzzy.


*Ok, she probably favorites everyone’s tweets. Doesn’t matter. I still love her.

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Meiosis times infinity

That awkward moment you exchange tweets with one of your heroes. And by awkward, I mean awesome.

It’s funny when things like this can mean so much. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that they do. Just don’t tell Allie.

She’s on “my inspiration” page.


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*Meiosis (wikipedia)


Dear Panera Bread

Dear Panera Bread,

I had a good experience dealing with one of your employees at a locally owned franchise in Colorado Springs yesterday.

As you no longer have your survey online, I wrote to you directly and provided details of my experience.

I was surprised that shortly after receiving my feedback, you wrote back and said you would forward my feedback to staff at the bakery I praised.

I was even more surprised to receive this follow up email.


Your customer service… You’re doing it right.

Thank you.

Zero Dean

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Dear Supercuts


Dear SuperCuts,

If you want more business, the first thing you should do when people walk into your establishment is give them a cape to wear while they wait.

Let the viral photo opportunities begin.

You’re welcome.

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I also suggest a full length mirror for selfies, Supercuts. Encourage people to submit their pics to your FB page. “Check-in to win your chance at your own cape or to be a part of our nationwide ad campaign.” Kids & adults will love it.

Oh, it’s a marketing gold mine. :)

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Dear American Express Customer Service

Dear American Express Customer Service,

It was quite an experience calling your customer service line and being connected with a real human being within seconds after I requested it.

I was a bit concerned when I had a bad cell phone connection and had to tell the woman I would try calling back because she was cutting out, but my second call also got me through to someone again within seconds.

This was a pleasant surprise.

Add to this the fact that your customer service representative, without me asking, offered to remove my late fees and penalties (over $100) associated with Amex not having my correct address (for a card I use only for Costco membership) — and thus, me not receiving the statements.

When we wrapped up, Keith asked me if there was anything else he could do.

I said, “Yes. Can you put me in touch with someone I can talk to about your excellent customer service today?”

He sounded surprised. “You, you want to talk to my supervisor?”

“Yes, Keith.”

And I gave you a glowing review, sir.

To which your supervisor said, “Thank you. I will make sure higher ups hear about this, too.”

Thank you for going above and beyond what is considered good customer service in this day and age. I appreciate it.

I probably still won’t use my card, but you guys really impressed me today and I want people to know that.

Thank you.

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