Yeah, me & Danny Wallace go waaay back.

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You know what’s awesome? This exchange:


Me: “To my FB followers who have awkwardly expressed having a “man crush” on me, I finally understand. *bows to* Danny Wallace.”

Danny Wallace: “Back atcha! I admire your excellent chutzpah!”

I don’t know what “chutzpah” is, but mine is apparently “excellent”, says THE MAN. ;)

Thank you “Mr. Wallace”. Maybe it’s just your British accent — I’ve admitted before I’m a sucker for those (I was talking about the ladies, though) — but I am enamoured.

“Who is Danny Wallace?”, you ask.

WHO is Danny Wallace!?

Danny Wallace is THE Yes Man.

You’ve heard of the movie with Jim Carey, right? Well, he’s the author — the story is his story — and forget the movie version – it’s “ok” (sorry Danny, I know it hurts — but I’m sure the paycheck was nice), but it’s not the book version and it’s not nearly as brilliant or hilarious as the (quite different) story it contains — or his other works for that matter.

Danny Wallace has been a great source of inspiration for me & provided many laughs over the past several weeks — granted, I’ve had to make do with the “digital Danny Wallace” — the pre-recorded version — not the “real-life Danny Wallace”, but that’s fine for now.

The man is a genius and the above exchange also goes to show that he hasn’t let his success go to his head. As such, Danny has officially been added to my list of awesome.

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