Dear American Express Customer Service

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A Seven Eleven moment

Dear American Express Customer Service,

It was quite an experience calling your customer service line and being connected with a real human being within seconds after I requested it.

I was a bit concerned when I had a bad cell phone connection and had to tell the woman I would try calling back because she was cutting out, but my second call also got me through to someone again within seconds.

This was a pleasant surprise.

Add to this the fact that your customer service representative, without me asking, offered to remove my late fees and penalties (over $100) associated with Amex not having my correct address (for a card I use only for Costco membership) — and thus, me not receiving the statements.

When we wrapped up, Keith asked me if there was anything else he could do.

I said, “Yes. Can you put me in touch with someone I can talk to about your excellent customer service today?”

He sounded surprised. “You, you want to talk to my supervisor?”

“Yes, Keith.”

And I gave you a glowing review, sir.

To which your supervisor said, “Thank you. I will make sure higher ups hear about this, too.”

Thank you for going above and beyond what is considered good customer service in this day and age. I appreciate it.

I probably still won’t use my card, but you guys really impressed me today and I want people to know that.

Thank you.

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