Smart club

Ok, breathe
September and everything after


I’m thinking about creating a club for really smart people.

And then I’m going to sit back and steal their ideas.


From the comments:

Mike: If they’re smart enough to fall for this, how smart are they?

I think I’ll open a competing club, of people who are too smart to be in clubs. I think this is where the action will be.

Zero: Hmmm… they don’t have to be THAT smart. Just smarter than ME.

Now I have to ask myself, am I the sort of person that would join a club for smart people? And I say, yes… because I would consider being in the club a compliment!

But then, if I’m in a club for smart people, but I’m not that smart, then how many of my ideas would be worth stealing?

Crap. I would be useless in that club.

So I guess if I were running the club, I would have to make sure I wasn’t allowed in it.

So wait… what was the question again?

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