Ok, breathe

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Weird thought of the day:

Thanking someone for taking your breath away is kind of weird.

It’s like saying, “Hey, thanks for making it difficult for me to breathe.”

Now, I know some people are into those sorts of things, but if I’m going to be thanking someone for something breathing related, I would hope it’s for making it easier!

“Thanks for the CPR, Xena, I kind of blacked out while fighting that giant 3 headed lizard.”

“Thanks for unwrapping that anaconda from around my neck, sweetheart. You’re the best.”

“Thanks for pulling me back into the spacecraft, Guy, I forgot I wasn’t wearing a space suit.”

“Thanks for giving me oxygen, baby, that cat really took my breath away!”

See? Now that all makes sense.

From the comments:

Corey: +5 Internet points for hidden Sam Rockwell reference

Zero: +10 for catching the Sam Rockwell / Galaxy Quest reference! “Is there air!? You don’t know!

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