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I’ve decided to start a meet-up group for people who like to play mind games.

First order of business will be to set a date, time, and place for our first meet-up.

And then I’ll change it at the last second and blame people for showing up at the wrong spot.

And then I’ll boot them out of the group for getting it wrong.

But later in the day I’ll email them to say they can still be in the club as long as they don’t make any more silly mistakes.

Then I’ll setup another date, time, and place to meet-up and do it all over again!

They’re going to love it!

OMG! This is going to be the best club ever!


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From the comments:

Robert: So what was that date again? LoL!

Zero: I already told you, Robert.

Heather: Where?

Zero: It’s written above.