Cats in common

Pain cream
Apparently, yes.

I like the part in online dating where you get to pick from a variety of likes and interests for your profile, and then the site in question likes to highlight all the things you have in common with another person.

I especially like when the site decides that having only a single thing in common is enough.

“We see you like cats. Beth likes cats, too. Why don’t you write to Beth about cats and see if it’s a match made in heaven.”


“Hi Beth. I couldn’t help but notice that you like cats. Well, it’s funny. I like cats, too! In fact, I think they’re delicious!

I couldn’t help but notice that you don’t like dogs though. Well, you haven’t tried my dog muffins!

How about a dinner date?

Does my place work for you?”

Yeah. I hope the love of my life and I have more than an appreciation for just cats in common.

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From the comments:

Jenna: Shared this video.

Michelle: It’s definitely not enough to know that you both like cats. What a disaster the dinner date would be if one of you liked them with Sriracha, and the other, not!

Zero: What!? Someone doesn’t like Sriracha!? Nooooo. That’s just crazy.