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Welp, I made a mistake.

I went to the pharmacy and bought odorless pain relieving cream.

That’s the last time I ever do that.

Here’s why:

I was having a mostly normal day. Except for the fact my shoulder feels like it got trampled on by a giant mutant radioactive squirrel.

So I went and bought the aforementioned odorless pain cream.

Why odorless? I don’t know. Call it temporary insanity.

Anyway, I then excitedly applied said pain cream to my aching shoulder.

And here it is 20 minutes later and I still can’t tell if it’s working.

Like nada. Zip. Zippo.

My pain meter has completely failed to acknowledge the odorless pain cream.

Evidently, my shoulder took one look at the odorless pain cream and laughed.

Anyway, if I’m going to buy something that doesn’t work, the least it could do is trick me into thinking it’s working by smelling like something.

You know how it goes…

Apply pain cream. And then an instant later the smell of the pain cream meets your nose. And your nose goes, “Oooh! Pain cream! Hello! How delightfully odoriferous! It must be working.”

And then you chill, because your pain cream is “working”. And it might even BE working due to the placebo effect. Because, you know, placeboes are a hell of a drug (it’s true).

But in this case, I can’t even benefit from the placebo effect.

So I went and paid $6.79 for odorless pain cream and all I can smell now is disappointment.

Imma take it back and buy something smelly. That’s what Imma do.

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From the comments:

Drew: Your shoulder is like “Listen man, I want to help you here but I’m not smelling anything.”

Zero: ^^^ That is exactly it ^^^!