Wanted: 7 billion people

Dirty rodent violations
The package



7 billion people to test running in the same direction at the same time for my upcoming “Speed Up the Earth / Time Machine” Project.

Does this Tuesday at 1PM work for you?

You’ll have to sign a waiver.

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Q&A from the comments:

Q: Can you email the waiver to me?
A: No. I’m currently having 7 billion copies printed at Kinkos.

Q: What time zone?
A: Everyone just starts running at 1PM.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: No pets allowed. They might throw off the results of this experiment.

Q: Where?
A: Everywhere. If you don’t know which way to run, just follow someone else.

Q: Why not just create online waiver? Then you’ve on save on printing billions of waivers & postage. Besides, you know how slow snail mail can be. I might not get my waiver in time.
A: No, no, no. I’ve had over 60 waivers printed so far. I can’t stop now. That would just be wasteful.

Q: If this is like the Superman thing and we all run west, what happens then? If we all then travel backwards in time, won’t that negate the time reverse aspect, and it won’t happen? Do we all just get stuck in place?
A: If my calculations are correct and it works, no proof of this experiment being successfully completed will ever exist.