Dirty rodent violations

Mirror, mirror...
Wanted: 7 billion people

I’m subscribed to a lot of blogs and different content providers — like TED talks, Engadget, and cool webcomics. I like to view all this content using a content reader app on my tablet.

The app I use allows me to view all the content I’m subscribed to in chronological order. Usually displayed as a title and a line or two of content before you click to read more.

And so I’m skimming through articles looking for interesting things to read, and come across some guy who has basically copied a blog post of mine.

The title is exactly the same as one I’ve posted. And the first few lines are exactly the same, too.

And I’m all like, that dirty rat bastard!!! O_O

And then I click over to view the rest of the content.

And it’s my own blog.

Ooooh yeah. I’m subscribed to that dirty rat bastard’s content.

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