Wanted: A complimentary group of individuals

The package


A complimentary group of select individuals willing to agree with everything I say and back me up in all situations.

And by complimentary, I mean *both* usages of the word.

1. given or supplied free of charge.
2. expressing a compliment; praising or approving.

So you should be free and you should say nice things to me.

Being able to provide access to an air conditioned guest house on beach front property is a plus. Also, a driver. A sporty sedan is preferable. Will consider a dune buggy. And a plane (pilot included).

Please, no helicopters or hot air balloons.

Willing to share space with select non-venomous reptiles.

Additional information provided upon request.

Sometimes you just gotta put it out there for the universe. Because, ya never know, you know?

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