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I’m not sure how it works yet, but apparently this magnetic device is going to help me get a girlfriend.

I guess I just walk up with it, wave it around, and say, “I am the guy you’re looking for.” or something.

Or maybe I have to touch them with it.

Exact instructions unclear.


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From the comments:

Robert: Seems legit… LoL

Julie: Uh. I’m a little confused me thinks. What kind of a girl are you looking for exactly? The packaging says “….retrieves objects up to 16 lbs.” 16 lbs?? O_o

Zero: Oh crap. I need the 100+ lb version!

Adrian: lol I’ll come bail you and Bill Dollar out after…whatever you do with that thing.

Prakash: Assuming sheer “animal magnetism” is what you are hoping for?

Zero: Oooh! You mean I could use this to capture bunnies!?