Oral fixation

"Good job!"
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That awkward moment you realize that one’s tongue has a rather intimate long-term relationship with the inside of one’s mouth —

— and the moment anything is out of the ordinary in one’s mouth, it is often one’s tongue that is the first to notice.

And it isn’t just content with noticing the difference. No. It must obsess with it…

“Hmmm… Something’s different here.”

1 minute later… “Yep. Still different.”
1 minute later… “Still different. No change. AT. ALL.”
1 minute later… “Still not normal. I’m really not happy with this.”
1 minute later… “Still different. I am BOTHERED by this change.”


This goes on FOR-EVERRRRR.

Or at least until one’s tongue has grown so accustomed to the change, it no longer fixates on it.

You know it’s true.

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