Third time's a charm

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5:20 AM

“Get car window smashed in three times, replace car window 3 times.” – Zen Proverb

Thieves can go to hell.

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10:07 AM

Based on data I have personally collected this year, I can tell you that vehicle break-ins are on the rise in 2014.

Most of these break-ins occur between 2am and 6am.

2 out of 3 involve a getaway car.

But only 1 out of 3 break-in attempts result in fully penetrating the safety glass before being scared off by the occupant.

The average cost of a replacement passenger window for a Toyota 4Runner is about $200. Tinting it costs another $50.

A bright blinking car alarm indicator does not appear to be much of a deterrent.

Nor does parking in well lit areas. Or removing anything from one’s front seats.

And hotel parking lots are not safer than public streets.

Stay tuned for more in my end of year summary.

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