The perils of being debilitated.

Sometimes doors swing both ways.
Gender exploits and control groups

That awkward moment when you’re on crutches and you almost get run over by the guy in the SUV who doesn’t look behind him before backing up.

He did sincerely apologize. I think it was the way I screamed “AAAaaaaaAAaaaaaah!” in distress – I really sold it.

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I literally had no time to lift a crutch, or thump on his car, or do anything. Had I been about 2 seconds slower, he would have hit me.

As it was, I thought I was going to get hit by the side of his vehicle. All I could think of to do was go:


That got his attention. He rolled down his window and the look on his face was kind of priceless. He never really saw me and I think it terrified him that he almost ran me over.

‘I am sooooooo sorry!’

I was like, “No worries!” … and kind hobbled along like a cool guy who doesn’t look at explosions.