The Air Guitar Incident: Summary

Grumpy calf.
Crutch guitar!

The moral of the story is: Always, always, always warm up before performing air guitar.

This is the jump that landed me in Urgent Care. Well, not so much the jump as much as the landing.


Considering I had my cell phone on a timer and leaned up again a trash can, it ain’t bad.

I can’t say it was worth it — but I’ll never forget the day I got my air guitar back and then ended up at Urgent Care.

Or breaking out in a pouring sweat and fighting the urge to both faint and throw up in my car after I hobbled back to it.

Then when that passed, wondering if I’d be able to drive — and where I was going to go. And how much it was going to cost me.

My adventure that was having an adventure is having another adventure, apparently. Woohoo.

Also kids: I want it known I haven’t taken any drugs, ’cause I still gotta drive myself around — and serious drugs would be irresponsible. I hurt, but it’s not any worse than a migraine in my calf at the moment — when I’m not moving it around.

And I can’t walk… that’s a bummer.

And “what happened?”:

I’ve had tight calves the last week from running. I’ve been secretly re-training for a marathon. I didn’t warm up. I jumped, landed hard, and felt something “tear” and then pain. It was bad enough — and felt strange enough — that it made me think I needed to go see someone, rather than hope it wasn’t serious.

I guess it’s not that serious — initial response from the radiologist was, “Just a strain. No tear.” but then the doctor guy I saw said, “A slight tear, no rupture. We should have a… specialist guy look at it.”

And that’s my air guitar story.

Never did make it onto the damn beach! :)

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