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Inspired by a recent hit song, today I’ve decided I’m going to walk up to a girl and ask her to marry me.

And if she says no, I’m going to tell her I’m going to marry her anyway.

Re: MAGIC! Rude. (Video)

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From the comments:

Dawn: You rebel, you. Wait….if she says yes, what then? Onward w/ the ceremony?

Zero: Man, I better find a good one then. O_O

Dawn: LOL….well, yeah, you definitely want to be prepared for the yes!

Zero: So I should probably get to know the person then… to make sure I don’t get locked into anything I might regret…

Dawn: And stomp on all that spur of the moment fabulousness?! Well, perhaps it bears giving some extra time and thought. Say….oh, maybe a good extra five minutes or so before you pop the question.

Zero: I like the way you think!