My word collection

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Confession of the day:

I use to keep a collection of words that I liked.

You know, I’d be reading something, see a cool word like “fecundity“, and go, “MINE! MUAHAHAHA!”

And then, when I got done laughing like a mad man, I’d add it to my word collection.

(Because, let’s be honest, I used to be nerdy. Which is not entirely unlike how I am now, actually.)

Anyway, I guess it was more about collecting cool words than it was about anything else. Because after I added them to my collection, I’d just let them sit there. I wouldn’t actually use them.

Perhaps it was because I didn’t want people to envy the fact I had words like cacology, jejune, omphaloskepsis, and sesquipedalian in my possession, but I think it was mostly because it was just nice knowing I had this collection if I ever needed it.

Kind of like when you know Batman has your back in a bar fight.

But then I forgot about my word collection. Or perhaps it was my lethologica acting up. I’m not sure.

In any case, I’m not even sure where my collection is anymore.

But I’m thinking I should try and find it. You know, to make sure they’re still in good condition.

I bet some words have really gone up in value, too!

Yeah, that seems quite apposite.

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From the comments:

Sunny: Yeah well, the challenge is to avoid being anachronistic, deleterious, or haingle. I caution you, sir, in the act of flocinaucinihilipiliphication – this could do you in!

Simone: I see your omphaloskepsis and raise you my eleutheromania!

Jake: I’ll let you have “defenestration” and “tesseradecade.”

Connie: My my Zero, you’re quite the loquacious sesquipedelian. :)

Zero: I am not ashamed to say I had to look up ALL YOUR WORDS, people.

Connie: There’s no shame in that. Some of the words you used I have never even heard of; like Omphaloskepsis and jejune. lol.

Zero: Me neither. :) I had to look those up, too! ;)