Elevator music
Financial hardship

Earlier… packed courtroom. Over 100 potential jurors. Even the jury seats were filled.

Court assistant: “I’m going to take roll call. Please say if you are here or present.”

She starts listing names…

“Here.” … “Here.” … “Here.” … “Here.” … “Here.”

About 50-60 “here’s” in a row, then…

“Zero Dean?”

((( PRESENT! )))

Heads actually turned. I smiled.

Next 20 names… “Here.” … “Here.” … “Here.” … “Here.”

And then a guy in the back, “present!”

There were only TWO people “present” in a room full of over 100 native San Franciscans — supposedly some of the most “unique” and creative people anywhere.

I tell you, you get people in a room and the group think takes over.

If you’re wondering about that other “present” guy?

Welp, we’re married now.

No, I’m not gay, but come on! — if that wasn’t a sign we were meant to be together, I don’t know what is! ;)

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