Funky Town

Missed connection.
Everyone has something to teach you


Weird thought of the morning:

If bad cheese smells “funky”, why would anyone want them to take them to Funky Town? And what makes Funky Town so funking funky?

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Turns out, I learned something…

“The word funk as applied in the music world initially referred to a strong odor. The anthropologist/art historian Robert Farris Thompson, in his work Flash Of The Spirit: African & Afro-American Art & Philosophy, postulates that funky has its semantic roots in the Kikongo word “lu-fuki”, which means “bad body odor”. He says: “Both jazzmen and Bakongo use funky and lu-fuki to praise persons for the integrity of their art, for having ‘worked out’ to achieve their aims” supposedly meant to signify “the irradiation of positive energy of a person. Hence ‘funk’ in American jazz parlance can mean earthiness, a return to fundamentals.” — Wikipedia Entry

RE: Lipps Inc – Funky Town (video)