Missed connection.

A ZERO hat reunion.
Funky Town


Oh no. It finally happened. I just had a Craigslist “missed connections” experience.

“I was sitting in my car at the San Marcos 7-Eleven and looked up from my phone. Our eyes met.

You were sitting in the passenger seat of your friend’s blue SUV with Nevada plates as it slowly passed.

We broke eye contact, but then our eyes met again — and you didn’t look away.

Your eyes seemed to say “Find me.”
My eyes were saying, “No, you find me!”
Then your eyes said, “Why should I have to find you? You find me!”

And then my eyes were like, “All I meant was that I’m probably a lot easier to find!”…

And before your eyes could reply, your friend pulled their car out of the lot…

And even though I chased after you, screaming, “Hey! Wait!”, you didn’t wait.”

Ok, some of that is true. *sigh*

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