Dental adventures (part 3)

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3:22 PM

Firs pos afer ooh exracion.

Feel like I’m missing somehing.

No sure wha.

From the comments:

Melinda: Tease. (I crack myself up.)

Zero: You have such a sharp mind.

Melinda: Ah yes, my biting wit. *collapses giggling*

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3:41 PM

Well, the good news is that I can stop dreading having a tooth extracted.

And the bad news is that they have temporarily completely neutralized my right dimple.

How am I supposed to work my charms with only one dimple?


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3:46 PM

I just communicated with a pharmacist (to get antibiotics & pain killer) without saying a word.

I feel like if I was ever to take a vow of silence, now might be a good time.

Heck, I’m already 20 minutes into it. Let’s see how long I can go…

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3:52 PM

Not sure if my new vow of silence will hurt or help my pick up lines at the gym.


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4:31 PM

I’ve read online dating profiles where women specify that their potential matches must have all their teeth.

It never actually concerned me until now.


I should’ve asked the doctor to let me keep my molar (so I could slide by on a technicality).

“Yeah, yeah, baby. I have all my teeth. Here’s one I like to keep in my pocket.”

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4:54 PM

“I can’t help but notice you’re missing a molar.”
“Yeah, that’s my G.S.”
“Your what?”
“It’s where I like to keep my gum. My G.S. — my gum slot. It’s like a functional body enhancement. You know — storage.”

This is how I picture future conversations with potential mates going.

(I’d like to think the woman who finally gets me will tolerate my eccentricities)

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5:27 PM

I’m going to leave a note under my pillow tonight requesting that the Tooth Fairy leave a receipt.

Tax deductible income for the win!

*May also ask if she’s single.

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