Actions speak louder than shoes

A split second

I recently read an article in a fitness magazine.

One of the points in the article was, “If you want to make friends at the gym, don’t wear toe shoes.”


Because the type of friends I want are the types of people who are going to care what kind of shoes I wear at the gym.

Um, no.

To be frank, I care far more about whether people show respect for others at the gym than I ever do about what they’re wearing.

How about putting emphasis on actually being polite and friendly? Because that’s important.

How about encouraging people to wipe their sweat off things when they’re done? That’s courteous.

How about suggesting that people put equipment back where it belongs when they’re done using it? That’s just good manners.

How about telling people not to monopolize equipment while people are waiting?

And you’re telling me my choice of footwear is vital to having a good gym experience? O_o

This is (one of the many reasons) I don’t subscribe to your magazine.

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