A split second

"Lost without you"
Actions speak louder than shoes


If you go to the gym. Get done.
Go to your pickup truck. Get in.

And still feel the need to peel out of your parking space…

You probably didn’t work out hard enough.

Aggression. Curb that shit.

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* Ever since I got literally run onto in a parking lot in college (by a pickup truck, coincidentally), I have this “thing” about people driving irresponsibly in parking lots.

They are not the best places to “express yourself” while driving a vehicle.

A split second is all it takes…

  • For a child to run away from their parents in a parking lot
  • For a bike rider, skate boarder, or rollerblader to pop around a corner
  • For a person to back out of their parking space without looking both ways
  • For any number of things you might not expect to happen, but could be devastating if they do…

Because it takes more than a split second to stop, if you are driving aggressively without any regard for the safety of others.