Zero in command

What Yonder Light [photo]


That awkward moment the manager of the cafe you’re in turns to you on his way out the door and says,

“I have to run an errand, Zero. I’ll be back. Hold the fort while I’m gone.”

And I’m all like, “I can’t do it by myself!”

And he laughs.

Which is good, because it was a joke.

Of course I can do it by myself! MUAHAHAHA!

I’ll have this place running in tip-top shape by the time he gets back! He won’t know how he did it without me.

My first order of business though: Taste test all the pastries to make sure they’re still good.

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From the comments:

Vik: “New Zero-Style Pastries: The Only Pastry with a Bite-shaped cut”.

Zero: LOL. “We can still sell these. Just let me pick a bit more off the edge.”