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“Thanks to this new study that we haven’t actually read — nor can we find any proof of actually existing (not that we tried) — we are going to share this potentially highly erroneous information as the truth because, well, it seems like something that many people will like.” — The Internet

“I don’t know who the person who said this is — and can’t be bothered to check if they actually said it — but I’m going to share it anyway, because it sounds nice and accuracy doesn’t matter.” — The Internet

“Although there is no evidence suggesting this is factual or has any basis in science, the fact that someone took the time to put a picture of a fruit or a vegetable on an image and suggest it is a viable cure for whatever, I’m going to share it, because I like this fruit or vegetable and like to believe it has superpowers.” — The Internet

“Although this chart of diagram appears to favor a particular belief or political view in a highly biased fashion, it’s my belief, so I’m going to share it — even if it’s highly debatable and probably missing vital information.” — The Internet

Oh Internet, you so funny.

It’s unbelievable.

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