The weatherman

And you have no legs
Flick this shirt!

Before my Mexican friend, Juan (also the facilities supervisor at my gym), switched to working nights last month, he used to give me unsolicited weather reports.

For example, on Friday he would tell me with enthusiasm, “It’s going to rain next Thursday!”

And he was usually right.

Juan’s weather reports almost exclusively involved the prediction of rain because that’s the only significant weather event in Southern California.

I always found it kind of funny and charming because I never asked for the weather. He’d just tell me.

Well, it rained this morning, but Juan wasn’t around last week to prognosticate the event. And it caught me somewhat by surprise.

Not the rain, but the fact Juan hadn’t been in my life to predict it. I missed it.

Well, besides nights, Juan also works Sunday mornings.

So when I saw him this morning in the men’s locker room, I greeted him with, “I miss your weather reports!”

The statement seemed to catch him by surprise and he started to laugh.

So I said, “It’s good to see you. How are you this morning?”

“Good,” he says, but continues to laugh, “Oh, Zero. You laughing me.”

Which makes me laugh. Not at the grammar mistake, but at the accuracy of the language and the humor of the situation.

Life is funny.

You laughing me, too, Juan. You laughing me, too.