The saunter

The coin toss
Rewards card ricochet

As you all know, I tend to park further away from establishments than necessary. I developed this habit to:

  1. Avoid the unnecessary stress of finding or fighting for a close parking space (and it works really well)
  2. And, as I got used to it, to simply enjoy the walk.

Of course, I’ve been living in California ever since I developed this habit.

Well… as it turns out, I’m in Denver, Colorado today.

And being in Denver, Colorado in early March, it’s only 18F degrees.

And with that in mind, it appears that I care slightly more about parking close to the gym when it is only 18F freakin’ degrees out than I do when I can comfortably saunter across a parking lot wearing flip flops and a T-shirt.

But it also appears that as my desire to park closer to the gym increases, so does the desire of others. Because today, there really was no way to park any closer than I did.

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