Schrodinger's lock

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That awkward moment when you walk all the way across a large parking lot and are about to enter an establishment, when you go:

“Did I lock my car?”

And you always lock your car so automatically that you don’t really think about it when you do…

And then when you think about it, you have no memory of doing it. But you’re like:

“Of course I locked my car! I always lock my car!”

But then you remember that one time you got back to your car and you’d actually forgotten to lock it.

So now you’re like:

“What if this is like that time I forgot!?”

Except it didn’t matter THEN because you didn’t know you didn’t lock your car. So you never worried about it.

But now you’re standing in the parking lot looking at your car in the distance thinking how silly it will be to walk all the way over there only to find that you did, in fact, lock your car.

But you walk all the way over there anyway…

And now you do feel silly.

But hey, at least it’s locked.

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For those wondering… I don’t have “remote keyless entry” because the plastic that holds it on my keychain broke a couple years ago (and costs some ridiculous amount to replace). Every now and then I try to devise some way to MacGuyver it, but so far, things I’ve tried (superglue…) haven’t worked.

So I old-school it with the manual key and lock. I know, I know, what is this, the 90’s? ;)?